Family Welfare Centre


  Paalana Bhavana, Archdiocesan Pastoral Centre,
  # 5, 2nd Floor, Nandi Durg Road, 1st Cross,
  Benson Town Post, Bangalore - 560046, INDIA

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"Marriage Preparation Course slots are full for the month of Dec 2016. The availability for Marriage Preparation Course is only from Jan 2017."

  Our Archbishop speaks   Ecclesiastical Advisor’s Message  

It is a well know fact that "Every local Church", as mentioned in the Apostolic Exhortation Familiaris Consortio, "and, in more particular terms, every parochial community, must become more vividly aware of the grace and responsibility that it receives from the Lord in order that it may promote the pastoral care of the family. No plan for organized pastoral work, at any level, must ever fail to take into consideration the pastoral care of the family" (n. 70).

The Family Welfare Centre (FWC) is located in the heart of the Metropolitan City of Bangalore, and its main function is to help young men and women to form and sustain their married life. These days, when relationships in the family life are at stake and no proper commitment in the married couples, one wonders what could be the reason!

Christ-centered,  Happy, Healthy Families

Formation of Christian families and their enrichment through Gospel values